Courageous Companions

Courageous Companions


To the Stan and Back Supports Service men and women to receive Service Dogs from Courageous Companions which can be up to $25,000 per dog.

Courageous Companions mission is to provide top quality service dogs to help military veterans and First Responders live full and meaningful lives if they have been impacted by physical, sensory and/or psychological injuries from their service.  They are a dedicated group of volunteers that run this program, which is why every dollar donated goes directly to funding the programs for participants that have helped them regain their independence.

As a national charity, they have volunteers, program participants, and donors from all across Canada who understand the true value of a Service Dog. Many of the volunteers at Courageous Companions have experienced the trauma of operational injuries in service to our great nation and are therefore in a unique position to understand the challenges of stress injuries.

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