Party Under The Stars 10th Anniversary

Party Under The Stars 10th Anniversary


To The Stan and Back has supported Canadian Force Base Mess halls across the nation for electronic and or recreational equipment and several thousand dollars to Soldier On, Military Family Fund, CF Central Fund, Wounded Warriors Canada, Courageous Companions and UBC Veteran’s Transition Network program.

To the Stan and Back is one more tangible way to thank CF Members for their selfless sacrifice on our behalf. One of the focal fundraisers for the organization is “Party under the Stars” an annual event held with VIP guests from the political, military and entertainment world to support this worthy cause. Future fund raising efforts will focus on contributing to Canadian Forces Central Fund for post combat wellness programs.

To the Stan and Back  was founded over 10 years ago by Cheri Elliott, a mother of a serving member with a heart to show Canadian Forces and front line responders how they are valued and appreciated. Cheri would like to encourage all Canadians to show their gratitude to our troops for giving up their freedom so that we may continue to enjoy ours.





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