Party Under The Stars 2019

Party Under The Stars 2019


Cobourg resident, Lorna Dickson was the special guest at the 2019 Party Under The Stars Event in Ottawa. Lorna Dickson is affectionately known as the “Highway of Heroes Earth Angel”.

“You feel a sense of fellowship and belonging from sharing a common bond in remembering our Fallen, those suffering trauma; giving and receiving of our strengths and weaknesses, all in our own way. Soldier, Veteran or Civilian, service animal or First Responders; we are our greatest support to one another and that resonated throughout this event; along with my own personal experience of the guiding light of Major Michelle Knight-Mendes whom I never met but continues to lead me forward.  Thank you for allowing me the privilege of being a guest at this event to honour All That Gave Some and Some That Gave All!”

For two years Dickson has supported Project Trauma Support and To The Stan and Back and raised over $16,000 between the two organizations understanding that  “In a world where Canadians are the True North Strong and Free because of the Brave, never was so much owed by so many to so few and when you know better, you do better”.


Highway Of Heroes

A mini documentary about the Highway of Hereos was played at the 2019 Party Under The Stars Event.


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